Sep 28 2013

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Trying desperately to connect notions and ideas to a process of creation. Focusing on the needs of the human community and it’s structures of everyday living.


Without access to the right people, the most appropriate resources and the brightest thinking,
ideas and innovations can languish in the laboratory or workshop…and the economy will
continue to sputter along. Our objective is to put ideas, access, transparency and outcomes at
the forefront of today’s innovation agenda.
At the iBridge Network we are not gate keepers. Rather, we strive to play the role of boundary
spanner— we are uniquely positioned to attract leading universities and industry as well as work
closely with high levels of the government, allowing us to facilitate relationships, provide access
to information and entrepreneurs, and offer links to a whole new world of possibilities to help
navigate innovation from ideas through to real world applications.
The iBridge Network is designed to meet the needs of…
RESEARCHERS who are looking to:
Promote their research and themselves to companies, research sponsors and entrepreneurs
Position themselves as experts…

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